Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Good News

Quick update....not to take away from the news of Natalie, which is awesome and better than this news, but I just found out that I can head back to Zambia. I'm obviously very excited about this. I'm planning on hitting the road tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, and I'll likely be out of contact for a while. I'll post again when I can.


L said...

Hey! That is good news!

I have a cold, so your pics of Natalie are the first I've seen (Debb and the kids were in to visit while I bummed around town with my nasal congestion)

I'm very excited to hear you don't have to wonder about your visa thing anymore... onward!

Preston and Charlotte are now avid "Zambian Trevor" followers... You'll be super busy no doubt. When those next posts do come, I'll be eager to catch up on what's happen'n for ya... take care... and as always, prayers....


Chris said...

Great news! Kathy and i are happy to hear that you will be getting back to Zambia. Keep us posted on how its going.

Have a good one and please know that we are praying for you.

Dayna said...

That answers the question in my email! Congratulations, that's awesome news.

Kyle said...

Thanks for the pic Trevor,

I was sure that it was good news, but the thumbs up confirmed it.

It must have been extremely great to experience Malawi for the last few weeks, but now we can get down to business.

Looking forward to Chapter Two,

Anonymous said...


Holly told me about your blog, and it's been great reading! Keep up the good work.

Good news all around!