Saturday, January 20, 2007

Here we go......

Well this is it. My last night at home. Tomorrow morning I'm off to Toronto and on a plane to Calgary. So begins the adventure. A week in Calgary for the EWB National Conference, then 4 weeks in Toronto for my pre-departure training, and then the big one.....13 months in Zambia!

So wait a minute....let's take a step back. EWB? Training? Zambia?!?!

That's right, I have been accepted to do a 13 month placement in Zambia with a Canadian organization called Engineers Without Borders (EWB). My work will involve the Water and Sanitation industry (colloquially known as WatSan), and I'll be partnered with an international organization called WaterAid. My specific duties are still a mystery to me, but the ultimate goal is long term impact. How that will come about and what it will look like.... well you'll just have to keep checking in over the next year and hopefully we'll find out together.

You'll be patient with me, as I don't know what my internet situation will be once I get to Zambia. I'm going to try to put up a few posts before I leave Toronto, giving a bit of background on EWB, my placement, Zambia, and anything else I think you might be interested in.

Feel free to leave comments, or drop me an email from time to time. I regret that I won't be able to answer all of your emails (again...the internet situation), but will try to use this blog to keep you up to date on what I'm up to. If there is anything specific you'd like me to post about, just let me know, via email or comment, and I'll do my best.

A big thanks to all of you who supported me in getting this far, and who will continue to do so while I'm gone. I appreciate your donations, your encouragement, and your prayers.

So that's that. Time to get what sleep I can before the next 14 months of my life begins!


Karl said...

Good luck Trevor! Try to stay out of trouble and not die of sunburns.

PS: You look like a pirate in that picture. Do they have parrots in Zambia? If they do, you should definitely get one to complete the look.

AshleyR said...

Can't get rid of me that fast! See you in Calgary -- perhaps Tuesday 8pm at the "Spicy Hut"? It's at 230 4th Street, SE. Call my cell if you're lost (519-890-8427). It's going to be quite the RESULTS Windsor/Calgary reunion!

ashleyr said...

Yikes!!!! I mean 203 4th Street, SE. Time to leave the lab...

ashleyr said...

Yeah, so this is getting really embarassing.

It's actually in the NE quad.

L said...


Who will be our resident crazy monkey on the trip to Algonquin this year??? It vexes me you would think so much of others and not of ME!

Yes, nice pic indeed. Ever see Dodgeball the movie? Pirate? Yes... grow your hair longer and you are THAT GUY.... truely.

I'll be checking in and making inappropriate comments from time to time ... aren't you glad Chris let me know?

Ciao.... YARRRR!


nickt said...

It'll be great Trev. But for the records, this adventure is going to affect you for the rest of your life, not just 14 months.

Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Trevor! Watch out for that sun... I don't want you coming back the colour of a tomato.